Meet the incredible minds pushing Eco Refill Systems forward.


Bernadette Sarouli

Chief Executive Officer

Bernadette eats, breathes, and sleeps cooking oil. An enthusiastic oil connoisseur, Bernadette understands the nuances, overtones, undertones and flavor profiles of cooking oil to a near maniacal extreme.

Having imported and distributed cooking oil in the foodservice industry for twenty years, nearly halfway through her career, Bernadette had a profound realization. She discovered all cooking oil packaging materials were destined for a tragic landfill fate.

Bernadette had a new obsession, eliminating one-time use packaging from foodservice. This obsession spawned the brainchild that would mature into Eco Refill Systems. Providing sustainable, fresh, quality cooking oil and educating foodservice professionals on green alternatives became her passion and the mission of Eco Refill Systems.

As a foodservice trailblazer, Bernadette is leading the fight for sustainability in one of this foodie’s favorite places, the kitchen. In fact, when she's not bringing awareness to the need for green alternatives you may find her swiping tomatoes from David’s garden… but she's usually working to save the world.


Lane Landry

Chief Operations Officer

Lane has built a stellar career and esteemed reputation in oil refinery, an industry regulated by the highest OSHA and emissions standards in the state of California.

Employed as an Exxon Operations Technician since 1989 and a Valero Refinery Maintenance Specialist since 2011, Lane has sculpted his natural attention to detail to oversee mechanical and occasional personnel operations at Eco Refill Systems. Lane focuses on achieving, maintaining and surpassing our primary goals including critical care points (CCP), food safety handling, and analysis of human-machine interactions.

When he's not painstakingly scrutinizing every technical aspect of our company, he enjoys painstakingly scrutinizing every part of his motorcycle or car often taking apart each piece just to clean and inspect it. When that's not enough it's time to clean the entire vehicle inside and out. Talk about a guy in the right line of work. We're thrilled Lane shares his critical insight to help us constantly improve our service.

David_Harczak (1).jpeg

David Harczak

Chief Financial Officer

Originally from Arizona, we love David in spite of his dubious origins. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University Of San Francisco, David’s expertise and friendly personality make it easy to forgive his hometown.

Dedicating more than 30 years as Senior Tech Director at AT&T, David retired in 2011. He has always been driven by exceptional, sustainable results and since retiring, he has become a serial entrepreneur in real estate, construction, and hard-money lending. He is also quite passionate about his incredible backyard tomato garden, to which no other tomato compares (in our humble opinion).

A true carpenter at heart, when David’s not building homes, he is helping us lay a solid foundation that encompasses sustainability and green alternatives.